Latest News – Projects, Productions, and Voice Work

Currently in production:

Zygerus – An original Sci-Fi / Comedy / Adventure series. Currently in casting.

Latest Voice Work:

Cryptic Studios / Star Trek Online – Recently reprised my role (VO) as A’Dranna, the Romulan scientist/researcher in the latest episode, starring Michael Dorn as Worf in “Sphere of Influence”.

New Venture:

Knollwit Studios Talent – Knollwit Studios’ Adrianne Grady, is now working as an agent and consultant. Agent representation is free to the talent, and demos, consulting, acting and voice coaching, is available for a reasonal rate. She is currently accepting new talent for voice work, stunts, acting, dance, and more. Contact her if you are interested in working with her, coaching, demos, representation or more info.

Project and Album Updates

Many people have been asking me about my new sound projects, so here’s the latest news!

Podcasts, Radio Shows, V.O.
I’m currently involved with a number of shows as assistant producer, host, creative director, audio engineer, voice actor, script consultant and writer, volunteer training, musician, singer and promotions assistant among other roles. I’ve also done voice work for some of Cryptic Studios’ game titles.

Albums and Sound Design
I recently revamped the studio and returned to working on my album, Mardea. This is a massive project as it’s a fully-realized concept album with an amazing, beautiful story to tell. You can read more about it in this post.
I’m also currently writing and composing a hiphop-ish, comedy song called the “Ferengi Rap” which I’m planning to do a music video for as well (yes, costume is in the works!).
Meanwhile, I’m also developing a couple of theme songs and continuing to produce commercials jingles and segment soundtracks for certain podcasts I work with.

I’m always interested in collaborating with or featuring musicians, singers, and performers, so feel free to contact me any time.

New “Mardea” Album Underway!

“Mardea” – I’ve begun compiling a number of songs that I’ve prepared over the past few years, including very recent ones I’ve written, specifically for my upcoming solo album, “Mardea” (aiming for a June 2012 release). I’m going back to my intimate “Pooka’s Fury” album roots, shining it up with a newer remastered sound similar to my single “Should’ve Gone” that Kevin helped me on, fattening that up, and adding loads of brand new soundscaping with notes taken from inventive sci-fi and fantasy elements of a number of influences as well as inspirations I’ve had and dreamed about.

What style of album will this be? – Something akin to the old, wise and wonderful style back when record albums (and a few precious cassettes/CDs) took you on a journey and happened to have songs along the way that worked like sign posts and appeared as friendly faces in a new world. This is my hope: that my experience, thus far, will enable me to deliver to you what I have in my head.

What’s the album’s story? – We join a traveler in the desert, Mardea, arrived from another world via a caravan unlike any on Earth, who finds her way to a series of strange encounters: Ancient remnants, Technology with the need for Companionship, Odd Entities revealing hospitable and generous Hearts, old Craftsmen of old Arts, Sacred relics and Pools for Vases, Advanced Cities where Nature is ruling, Wild Animals that Speak and demand Blood, Evolution and Death’s truth, things that Earthians never see… With no hesitation or fear, she expresses her feelings freely about who and what she encounters, through verbal and physical means, and even by connecting through emotions alone. Even if what she finds scares or confuses her, she will find a way to communicate with it, and facilitate a universal understanding, expressing and channeling her findings to those who may be listening. The caravan is nearby…waiting for her should she choose to rejoin it and share with other worlds the wealth of knowledge she has obtained, or waiting for a signal if she should choose to stay and forever wander this new, alien world, perhaps even settling.

How involved are you with this album? - Very. With a solo album, I get to intimately paint with sound like an artist working quietly on an oil painting. I am more focused than I ever have been on a sound project. I’m involved heavily in the theme, story, and direction from the start.

Will there be humor? – Yes. Dark, light, and mischievous humor. Some at the lead character’s expense, and some of it delivered and felt from her.

What can you reveal about the lead character, Mardea? – LOTS of personality will be injected into this. The lead character in my story is a large piece of me, and I become Mardea, committing to fully immersing myself in her unique soul and experiences. Mardea is from another world, and has been traveling with an unusual caravan throughout space in order to learn and share. She has strengths and abilities that Earthians might view as supernatural, even though these abilities are not that different from those the Earthian’s already possess, or what they are capable of possessing.

Will there be music videos for this new album? – Finally, yes! I’m super excited!

Studio Software and Equipment Developments

Currently I’m working with Reason 4 and Logic Pro 8 mainly (tinkering in ProTools), with a Duet hookup for my MacBook Pro (HD 17″ screen, Intel dual core, OS X Leopard) which has replaced my old setup: PreSonus TubePRE,M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Cakewalk, Cubase, and Behringer Tube Ultragain T1953 on the Dell. For a short time (until the end of May), you can contact me to purchase my old equipment. After that, it goes on ebay. I’m looking to replace my Midiman USB KeyStation 61 with a new or used Axiom Pro Controller 61. Here’s to the New! :)

Welcome to the new Knollwit Studio website

I am currently in the process of rebuilding the website.  You will see more media players, purchase options, voice work demos, photos, videos, and more in addition to those I’ve posted.

Thank you for visiting and please check back often for updates!

~Adrianne Grady